La Gran Conexión 

Panamá se destaca como el país con mayor crecimiento económico en América Latina y mantiene una posición privilegiada en importantes cualidades de desarrollo.  Además, su ubicación geográfica le permite al mundo ofrecer una amplia variedad de servicios financieros, comerciales y logísticos modernos.

La ubicación estratégica de Panamá, la infraestructura y su conexión hacen que Panamá sea un destino ideal para reuniones y convenciones en América.



Tocumen International Airport
Known as the Hub of the Americas, Panama connects with 89 destinations in 34 countries. Used by 22 international airlines and more than 13.4 million passengers pass through its doors during the year.

Expansion of the airport
Panama is working on a very ambitious expansion of the airport that includes the construction of a new terminal and modern facilities that were designed by the famous British architect Norman Foster.


Bio Museo

Considered amazing by its original shape and vibrant color. This modern structure is the only project in Latin America that has been designed by the famous architect Frank Ghery. Its admirable exhibitions tell how the Isthmus of Panama emerged some 22 million years ago, uniting 2 continents and allowing the migration of numerous animal species such as bears, felines, armadillos and porcupines. Here you will discover, know and celebrate the wonders of nature, you do not want to miss it.

Panamá Viejo

Founded in 1519, Panama was the first city built on the Pacific Ocean coast during the Spanish colonial period in America. Very soon, its geographical position made it a transition point for gold and the treasures of the American continent that were sent to Spain and, therefore, it was a great attraction for pirates. In 1671, the city was sacked and destroyed by the famous Henry Morgan.

This impressive historic conglomerate formed by stone streets and now houses ruins of buildings, convents and churches was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and today is a place visited by all those who wish to use their imagination to relive an era of mythical heroes . and villains.

Canal de Panamá

The Panama Canal is an interoceanic navigation route between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It crosses the Isthmus of Panama at the narrowest point with a length of 65 km. It is transited by some of the largest maritime cargo ships in the world.

In June 2016, the expansion was inaugurated with new sets of locks to help 98% of the world fleet of ships through the Panama Canal.

The Miraflores visitor center is a fun, dynamic and interactive exhibitor center that describes the history and functions of the canal and shows the beauty of the biodiversity that surrounds it. In addition, you can enjoy your experience to the fullest, observing the operation and transit of the boats through the blockade.


In the city of Panama there are approximately 20,000 rooms and accommodations that vary between 5-star hotels of the most famous hotel chains in the world to picturesque hostels.

The city center offers original and spectacular hotels, from modern to opulent and minimalist. These are located very close to shopping centers, luxury boutiques, restaurants and vibrant areas full of entertainment. If you prefer to be close to nature, you can also find places to recharge your batteries and admire spectacular views. If you want to enjoy the vintage atmosphere that harbors the spirit of previous eras, you can also do so while receiving impeccable service.

DMO Services

The Panama DMO team will help you book and organize all the details to make your event a success.

• Coordinate the hotel and conference rooms of your choice.

• Coordinate the opening remarks on behalf of the Minister of Tourism of Panama.

• Coordinate activities for events before and after the event.

• Welcome letters, gifts and promotional material for the attendees of the events.

• Hire service providers (transportation, event and entertainment organizers, decorators, places outside the hotel, audiovisual support, translators, trial companies, protocol experts, technical and office suppliers, masters of ceremonies and much more.

• Our creative team will help you present Panama as the ideal place for your next event.




Aeropuerto Tocumen
  • 1,257 weekly flights and 86 connections to 34 countries in Latin America, Europe and the United States
  • The expansion project of the new Terminal 2, once in operation, will consolidate Panama as Hub of the Americas.


Amador centro
  • Modern architecture

  • Cutting-edge technology

  • More than 58,000 m2 for exhibitions and meetings

  • Capacity for 25,000 people

  • Opening: end of 2018. Book now!


  • Complex of 8 hectares

  • Capacity for 10,500 people

  • Great room of 10,498 m2 free of columns

  • 19 noise-proof rooms

  • Auditorium with 2,806 seats

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